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  1. Yes, this news is true, the CEO escaped and stole the users ’money with him. The exchange has not closed yet, but it no longer allows users to withdraw their money. It seems that the CEO's escape was in coordination with the exchange management.
  2. Yes, well I also had doubts about the wallet, but I did not publish my doubts in the forum, until after I confirmed that the wallet Scam and it closed the site the first time and opened a new site and then closed it also.
  3. Unfortunately, most of the new projects are fraudulent. For several years, I have not seen one real successful project. All projects start with strong publicity and massive fundraising, and then after that they either disappear or end up listing in any exchange.
  4. Right my friend, this is like a stock exchange or forex means selling foreign currencies when the price rises and buying when the price falls. This is a simple principle, but it takes experience and a lot of work and learning to master it well.
  5. Until you try mining you need equipment, mining can be done by a processor but this will never be beneficial or profitable. On the contrary, it can cause damage to your system and you will not get good results.
  6. Unfortunately this is what happens, but in general, Halving can only be judged after several months have passed until its effect appears. If you look at the former Halving and before it, you will find that prices at first fell and lasted for a while, then after that the big rise occurred.
  7. Thanks for sharing this fun experience here, it will definitely be beneficial for everyone. The problem is that some people do not have enough capital to buy this quantity and the other problem is the fear that the currency will drop significantly and then you can lose a lot.
  8. No, it's not that simple, on the contrary, I think the Corona virus has caused Bitcoin to rise, not the other way around. People have started to fear paper money because they might transmit the virus and buy cryptocurrencies.
  9. I support riding the wave because hiding is not working. I follow a good strategy in such situations as I sell a small portion of my currency and buy back from the bottom again and so the currencies increase. And for the most part, keep it to the height.
  10. Yes, there are a lot of exchanges Scam and not reliable and care must be taken when registering any exchange, especially if it is new. The strange thing is that this exchange is still listed in Queen Market Cap even though a year has passed since its closure.
  11. Thank you for answering me, but in reality this site is a mining pool and you must have mining devices either Asic miner or GPU to be able to subscribe to this pool and mining.
  12. The best bitcoin wallet is the Electrum wallet. It is a desktop and open source application developed by some members of the Bitcontalk Forum and it is safe, fast and low in fees. I personally use it and I advise you to use it.
  13. In fact, they are intertwined and it is difficult to separate them. Sometimes you buy a coin at a good price, and after a while the price rises, you sell it and get some profit. Sometimes you buy a coin and its price drops, so you are forced to hold it until the price rises again.
  14. Yes, these are good notes my friend, bitcoin I found to be a currency only and in order to be used as a substitute for the current monetary system, Ethereum is a platform that served a lot of smart contract tokens but unfortunately it caused a lot of damage to the crypto because through these contracts the creation of the token became very easy and this What is the reason behind the emergence of hundreds of scam tokens and fraudulent projects?
  15. Thank you for these tips. Indeed, there is no daily profit even for experts in circulation, a person must be subjected to loss and he must be patient and if he has won some times he must be careful to fall into greed because this can cause him a great loss and this has happened to me from Before.
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