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  1. No for the moment they don't have a such app in the android or OS platform but you can log to your account via the app browser as google chrome or Firefox and you can serf easily there as in you pc, waiting for a new app, also cryptotalk have not a app by the way.
  2. Your prediction in the last February was not correct at 100/100 because the pandemic of corona virus stopped the rising up journey of the bitcoin price and tit dropped down until 3800 usd but this days he try to recover and he try to cross the 10 000 usd resistance.
  3. I suggest to you this site and you can find other site also if you want to buy bitcoin by your neteller card but be careful and read carefully the fees exchange because some times in such transaction the fee is very high
  4. There is a lot of bot on the telegram bot pretending doing mining but most of them are just fake and can scam your money if you invest on it, but there is other bot clicking ads can be profitable but the earning is very small, if you are interested i will send it to you. @elf5566
  5. That is true, every scammer show you a impressive income as to earn 15% of your balance in hour or to earn 1000 usd by investing only 50 usd, are all lies that can't be true for real, so all members must be awake from this kind of project witch are on general a scheme ponzi.
  6. Yes of course that is the main reason of this forum instead of learning and earning, is to warn and guide all members not only the newcomers because any one of us can be hacked or scammed, so any one have a experience or a advice he is welcome to share it here.
  7. Yes agree with you that the admins and the moderators are doing a very good work here by controlling every posts and banning the spam and useless members, but the main reason to keep the level of the forum high is the work of members witch are us, so we have also to work hard and smart here in order to give back the favor to the creators of this campaign.
  8. First as i ese on your number of posts is 121 so you have to reach 130 post to get paid your first 30000 satoshie because the yobit site is paying as usual there is any issues this days, so go and complete your 30 posts and try to be under the internal rules, and good luck @khan_18
  9. You can find in this link the answer of your question, but in the signature space you add any site you want in condition this site is not a scam or spam one, in general the members of cryptotalk put in this area their referrals link in order they earn from the registration.
  10. It seems as a very hard to stop scammers, because as you say if three of victimes report a site it will the site will be blocked but if one of this three reporters is not true, he want only to amuse or to break the site owner ? then it will be a real issue
  11. Yes you will do the right decision by selling your balance on a good price if the market bull run, because there is a lot of people when they see the price increase severely the buy the coin and in this point they are buying from the top witch is wrong technically.
  12. I think that there no thing attached between this stone coin and the bitcoin or i didn't really understand your topic, if you can please give more details about it because its not me only who is wondering about the subject of your topic.
  13. Yes most of us are not getting any notification even we active the notify me boutton, but if some one tag yor name with the symbole of @ and you write the name of the member then you can be notify, so we hope this technical issue will be fixed by admins the soon as possible.
  14. No for me and for many members here this problem is not exist, i having a very quick loading page in many device as my office computer and home pc even the phone version although my internet network is not so good, so verify your internet connection or your internet browser.
  15. The bitcoin generator as they called it is a waste of time only, and maybe can be a scam site especially if you pay for it, so i advice any one here to avoid such sites because you will only get a very small satoshies after a long period of time
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