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  1. The dominance you mean is market interest, but that does not mean that Bitcoin has no competitors, you can recall at the end of 2017 when bitcoin dominance was below 40%, and the fact is that even though Bitcoin dominance is below 40%, the price of Bitcoin and also Altcoin rose unexpectedly, this can happen because the dominance you mean cannot be the basis for determining what will happen to Bitcoin after it has been mined.
  2. How can you say with a capital of 15-25 USD someone can have trading experience? if you mean just buy and then hold it up to the peak of the bullish i agree, but if the trade you mean is trading in general then it's very unlikely, because it will be difficult to get real trading experience if only with small capital, even with capital like that you will not be able to do anything if suddenly the market crash like in mid-March.
  3. You will find a lot of information about legit and paying sites, OP has explained it, I don't think you read it carefully, and if there are questions you can ask questions here, but unfortunately the topic creator has been inactive for a long time and so many spammers have given useless replies on this topic, so I will lock it.
  4. My advice, you should try to make your own observations, such as collecting data at least 20 exchanges that have rank based on liquidity (you can find it here), after that you compare then conclude by looking at many points of view, and if you have done it, I am sure you will find many answers to your questions, because maybe what you ask with what happened is just the opposite.
  5. XRP is not a stable coin, but when compared to LTC or ETH coins, XRP price movements tend to be stable, but that does not indicate XRP is a stable coin. If based on the article, the prediction of XRP price in 2020 is around 1.4 to 1.5 USD, the reason being that in 2020 Ripple's partners like American Express and Lian Lian Group might be officially linked in order to complete Chinese card payments.
  6. When you trade, do not ever think how much profit you want to get, but think about how you can get profits even with small capital. With a capital of 100 USD, then you can trade only 30 USD, the rest is for unexpected funds, but before you trade, it would be better if you learn trading management and basic trading techniques first so you can minimize losses. Without good knowledge, it is not the profit he gets but the loss either in investment or trading, because he is still a beginner, a wise choice for beginners is to learn the basics of trading first before trading, this is one of the trading management, maximizing the money owned by not making hasty decisions.
  7. Yes, it will have an impact like dominoes, when large companies already consider bitcoin as an alternative payment, then small shops or small companies will also follow, just waiting for the time it happens. Of course, when many places support alternative payments using bitcoin, the ecosystem will be more complex and the number of users will grow automatically, because users will follow the flow of ecosystems that are happening around them.
  8. Lighning Network is a decentralized payment system for micro-bitcoin payments instantly and with large volumes, although it was made in 2018 but the development is very fast, at the end of 2019 they already have a Neutrino wallet for the Lightning Network, but after I saw it was still Beta and not yet completely normal, to see the development of Lightning Network you can read it here. there you will find several developments and solutions made by the developer of the Lighning Network.
  9. The requirements are not like that, if you make a deposit above 5000 USD you will get 500 USD for free, but there are some conditions you should know, such as trading above 3000 USD, if you only deposit without trading you will not get the prize. For more details you can read it here, but because it's an old event, this event is over. And since the discussion topic has been answered and the event has finished, I will lock this topic.
  10. Generally, mining is done on a PC not on a smartphone, and now the HTC smartphone from Taiwan Exodus 1S makes that come true. Dr. Jri Lee, founder and CEO of Midas Labs and a professor at National Taiwan University said Smarthphone Exodus 1S can cut electricity costs at least 50% cheaper than using a PC. But even so, I personally believe there will be an adverse effect if someone is mining continuously, even though the Smartphone has been specifically designed for mining.
  11. It is indeed not a specific strategy, but the above topic provides useful information for novice traders, because most of them when buying looking for low prices and selling high prices and this is not the right way, Determining Support and Resistance is finding the area of buying and selling, these are points that are rarely known, especially novice traders.
  12. Market interest in Bitcoin has grown over the past two months, even though it has broken through resistance areas around 6400 and 8400 but we can't say Bitcoin Bullish before breaking 10,500 usd. if you look at the chart above, the bitcoin confirmation to be bullish is above the yellow box area, if the candle confirmation at this week is above the 10,500 USD area, then the Bitcoin position is a bit safer, but if not then vice versa,
  13. You shouldn't wait for confirmation, because it takes quite a long time, especially when you send or receive coins at an exchange, it will take longer, because there are two confirmations you have to wait for. First, confirmation from the coin network, and second, confirmation on the exchange, although some exchanges use automatic confirmation but there are also those that confirm manually.
  14. The dominance of Bitcoin has increased in the past week, but if you look at the chart, then in the next few days there will be a correction and this will be good news for altcoin, in this condition the price of bitcoin will be sideway and the dominance bitcoin will decrease.
  15. Ethereum is made by Vitalik Buterin with the original code, and almost all Tokens have been made through the Ethereum network. With so many consensus emerging, Ethereum was developed into Ethereum 2.0 which will switch to PoS (Proof of Stake). If every year Vitalik Buterin is making progress on Ethereum and there are still many Tokens using the ERC20 base, then there is no need to doubt and ask again about what will happen to Ethereum in the future. 👍
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