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  1. My friend i don't think that in Cryptocurrency there is any such coins which is risk free if you are choosing any of the crypto coins to invest or for trading every such coins has risk while doing any of the activities so we need to deal all situations with the strategies so that we can earn good profit.
  2. I am not int he favour of this things as you can only buy a new account from your friend you can't afopt a new habbit towards this forum those user who take their friends I'd after getting banned they again do the same spam so i don't think it is fair according to the forum.
  3. Moderators and admin are doing these things to clean up the spammers from the forum so there would be some issues with your topics or comments which make them feel of removing your uid from yobit.
  4. According to my experience i don't think that there will be any effect of signature to scammers they can even copy the signature also but as bitcointalk as adopted the signature campaign i doesn't see any such thing which will help to increase the quality of forum.
  5. It depends upon us that how we treat them we should adopt the habbit of reporting any soam topics or comments which is disruptive it will help to avoid scammers from this forum well now slowly there is a decrease in scammers as the moderators and admins are now actively working.
  6. Yes i also agree with it these things are going on vice-versa many deserving topics don't get reputations and the topics which are meaningless is receiving reputation so to make a change we user should use our mind to identify the deserving topics so that the poster can be encouraged.
  7. Welcome my friend i would like to suggest you to be regular and active in the forum so that moderators could notice you because being far for such a long time can make you an inactive member of this forum and many inactive members have be removed by the moderators.
  8. These all are the safety measures which create stress in your mind before sending the balance in your address it is good for these activities but if you are using the right wallet then you should not take stress so much it can only be avoided if you will be mentally strong when you are dealing with it because of your inner feelings you take so much stress.
  9. Exactly i agree with you that we should not be fear of anything while succeeding in our life because a little fear can distract you from the path of success as i have seen many users who fear to invest or trade in digital assets which can give them a huge amount of profit so take risk and enjoy the success.
  10. See trading will not make you rich instantly you need to carry on the activities and if you are preferring to do trading regular then you can earn 3-4$ easily which can slowly increase your profit so we say trading is the profitable activity.
  11. No i don't think that there are extra charges for withdrawing these rewards i think users who won such rewards gets an extra token or coins but according to me such reward winners should get some extra of it.
  12. Yes i have also seen these code words mostly used by the users in their comments and topics and thank to making us aware about the codes meaning which i think will really help every users specially beginners.
  13. According to me i think that both money and knowledge is important but when you work as a beginner in any of the forum then you should preffer more to gain knowledge rather money once the knowledge will be gained then automatically you will be able to earn a lot.
  14. Exactly i totally agree with your statement its true that when we will study and gain the knowledge about something then only our doubts will arise if we will ignore the things for learning then we could never be clear of such things.
  15. I don't prefer to deal with any of the Cryptocurrencies i just deal with some of them which is listed in coinmarket cap and such listed coins are legit according to those list i prefer some of the coins to deal with.
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