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  1. This is really good news, and whenever a platform supports a currency like TRX, it will definitely increase its trading volume and this will increase its price.
  2. There are sites that offer Bitcoin purchase services against PayPal balance or vice versa, but caution must be exercised and verify the credibility of the exchanger first before trying it out.
  3. I only managed to get one airdrop on yobit platform which is yoda coin but the rest of the coins that were distributed did not get any of them
  4. In fact the faucethub shut down I stopped working on the faucets because it was the undisputed best and currently I'm only trading
  5. I also like you do trading in binance and yobit only and they are good and wonderful platforms with strong features and good fees
  6. I am looking for everything on the platform from trading volume on the platform as well as trading fees and withdrawal fees
  7. A trading platform that has the lowest trading fees is a binance platform so far and I haven't seen a competition platform yet for it in terms of trading fees
  8. Well the best platforms for trading cryptocurrency currencies in terms of fees are binance and yobit and I only use two platforms and believe me you will not need 5 suggestions
  9. If you want a platform for immediate withdrawal, I advise you of a yobit or binance platform as the drawing on it is very fast and immediate and you will not wait more than 30 minutes in the worst case
  10. There are many platforms for cryptocurrency trading that you can use without kyc confirmation including yobit and binance
  11. The yobit trading platform is a good and excellent platform for building good capital, from which you can make profit and get coins for free.
  12. This platform faces a lot of charges from IDAX Exchange regarding the escape of its CEO, as well as customer fraud, so we must exercise caution and ensure its authenticity before any investment in it.
  13. I do not use this platform Cryptopia but it can offer free coins as a preliminary offer for currency promotion and can be obtained by completing the necessary tasks on the platform
  14. The minimum withdrawal must be greater than the fees that the yobit platform takes in Bitcoin withdrawals and it is 0.0012 which is a large fee and you must ensure that the wallet to which you will be sent is what is the minimum deposit in it
  15. The option to activate kyc on binance is added only in case you want to use fiat and purchase currencies by using visa or mastercard
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