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  1. Glad you find it useful. It may not be the most detailed you have seen but I may find some time to revise it one day. The market is exciting to watch these days, I hope you all have tried it in the platform you find convenient. Tradingview is useful for trading so make use of it.
  2. We all have our preferred option. I use to like Idex but seem to have failed a lot specially for liquidity. Forkdelta is not making a lot as well. Most tokens thrown there are throwaway tokens.
  3. I have been staking coins as well for profit. Staking is an easy income if you have the money to really invest for more of it. There are Native coins for Casino that you can stake and earn daily coins and this is very legit too. My best choice right now is the VX coin of Vitex exchange. Staking the coin will let you earn daily income too depending to how much you have staked of course. Check my thread for it. https://cryptotalk.org/topic/101808-vitex-exchange-by-the-community/
  4. isn't there one like the bestchange? I can see there are using wearing the signature.
  5. The addiction starts when a person wants to take back the money he loss in gambling. And for that they will gamble all the way to chase the wins, that shouldn't be the first objective while playing. It should have been entertainment alone. If you lose some, you just have to forget it and go on and get back to what you do best. Whatever that is. If you are a graphic designer, get back to being a graphic designer and forget the loss you made when you tried gambling. There are more to life than taking back what you loss in gambling and if that person allows it to happen to him, he will end up just like all the rest that became homeless due to gambling. GAMBLING IS ENTERTAINMENT. THE PRO who treated GAMBLING AS HIS business even get back to his old life.
  6. you're not going to be addicted to gambling if you don't allow it. its just meant for entertainment. some just bet for sports for they like the sports and fan of the athlete. i'm also introducing the bethash casino for investment. no need to play dice but just buy their hash tokens and you get dividends everyday.
  7. I didn't know Bethash is here. I guess 100 post finally paid off that you can finally promote to create a thread here. 😀 I did promote bethash, getting dividends every day is great. try here as well https://cryptotalk.org/forum/23-игры-хайпы-краны/
  8. Check its details here https://coinmarketcap.com/exchanges/vitex/ The exchanges listed good coins. As usual the most traded are BTC/USDT which obviously this dex has stablecoin. VX/ETH also has high volume and probably because ETH transaction fee is lower and most of us wants to accumulate VX.
  9. You haven't tried it yourself. The binance DEX hype has died because what they said about it is not exactly true. Binance DEX will just lead you to the binance.com to eventually submit KYC.
  10. Can't say it hasn't been a serious problem. People had been fighting their own battle of gambling addiction. There were radio talks that their gambling addiction had gone worse during this lock down. It must be true they have more time on the internet browsing for entertainment and found casinos.
  11. Have you tried binance DEX? Because I have tried that DEX and its the worse so far. It even fail to give liquidity for traders. You'll find out what I mean when you wanna withdraw your ETH and BTC from binance DEX.
  12. If there is one DEX that I like playing with right now its the Vitex.net If you happen to trade on hitbtc or bitfinex, you'd be reminded of them when you get to be with Vitex. But this is different besides moving your coins from wallet exchange to margin exchange and so forth. I hate these kind of stuff when they are all actually just wallets. But probably for security reasons they separate each wallet . Did you know that for an exchange to have wallets, they'd all have to keep a blockchain of a coin within their platform. For Vitex, they are dong it thrice for every coin they list. I can't imagine the great deal of work done by the developer but I think it paid off already. No KYC of course. The only you need here is the wallet and you can already trade however you may like. Just like every other DEX you see around the exchange doesn't have much volume. I'm hoping that there will be more traders coming in vitex.net to trade because of the features it had. Vitex extravagantly distributes dividends to the stakers of their VX coin which as of now is worth $0.16. The dividends are in the form of BTC, ETH and USDT. The exchange do have two tokens actually, the other is the VITE token whcih if you stake VITE, you earn VX. If you buy some VITE and stake these VITE, you will earn VX and if you stake these VX, you earn dividends which is in the form of BTC, ETH and USDT as I said. And these information are in thier wiki. I'd have a dilemma of whether to buy VITE or VX. But after sometime I found my solution in trading in the platform, I trade either Vite and VX. I tried staking 300VX to test how much I can get for few of it. Not bad if you have about 10,000 VX to stake, you probably can earn about $8 a day for it. I'm bad at calculation but most likely its that much but it always vary to the dividends pool. If there will be more traders in the exchange the more dividends to be received. The dividends pool are the fees collected from traders such as trading fees. Like me, I don't have 10,000 VX so my option would be stake VITE and earn VX til I get 10,000VX to stake for dividends. I wonder ow many years will it take. But what you do guys think, a good source of passive income? Link is https://vitex.net/
  13. hard to say McAfee DEX is really going to be used by traders, its owned by a ridiculous guy who shills altcoins that took a nose dive after exchange listing.
  14. This is one of the strategy I wanted to try as well. It sure it would also apply to some other casino not just in duckdice. I've read that one has scam accusation in btt.
  15. Somehow Bethash hasn't disappoint me. Earnbet somehow is beginning to acquire trust from users as they did build it and promoted a campaign. Earnbet was previously EOSbet, after they move from EOS to WAX, it started getting good. Can't say they are better from Bethash but its still distributing good dividends as long as you have enough BET tokens.
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