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  1. You have covered almost all the points which leads us to failure and I think our greed and our lack of knowledge about trading plays the biggest part in our failures.
  2. Now a days I suggest you to invest in bitcoin because it's price is on the rise and it will further increases as the bullrun is also expected very soon.
  3. I don't have any idea about Cocoin so can't tell anything about it but other three exchanges are very good. I suggest you to try kraken or Kucoin instead of Cocoin because these two exchange are also very reputable and popular.
  4. So you make 2% profit in just four days and it's really acceptable. This is the best way to earn by day trading, sell your coins whenever you are gaining even 2% of profit.
  5. But how can we earn $121 from just $1, you haven't explained this in detail. I don't think it will be possible. These types of projects are mostly scams, stay away from those projects.
  6. Exactly and this is the best way to identify scam and stay away from that scam. Those projects which offers you big bonuses or profit for doing nothing are simply scams.
  7. If a company create it's own blockchain network then it can also create it's own cryptocurrency but it requires extensive coding and developing knowledge plus huge capital for Investment.
  8. Both btc and eth are big crypto coins. These two are way ahead then all other crypto coins in terms of price, value, demand, popularity, trading volume and market cap. But btc has higher edge then eth and it's my personal favorite crypto coin.
  9. Exactly the bullrun doesn't occur just after halving event, it takes some time as the previous halving history tells us. I hope this year's bullrun will rise the price of btc to the skies.
  10. Exactly I also always invest those money in cryptocurrencies which I earned free from different airdrops, faucets or Bounty programs. It's the best way to invest because if you loss then you know I haven't lost my own money and really it's a big secret too.
  11. I have watched this video and it's really fun to watch it. After seeing this video I also believe that it can possible that Adam Back is Satoshis Nakamoto.
  12. It's not the popular crypto wallet. I don't know about this wallet. How secure this crypto wallet is? If anyone knows then kindly tell me about it's security and other features.
  13. Yes it's very important to not considered this halving event as your only earning opportunity. The bullrun will occur but not just after bitcoin halving event. It takes some time. This is a good advice for all of us that to not fall in halving trap.
  14. Yes cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency that uses cryptography to track transactions and based on blockchain technology while digital currency is an electronic money that only exits in digital world not physically.
  15. Bro crypto technology is very vast and deep field. There are dozens of ways by which you can earn money. By trading, by Investing and holding, by staking, by joining airdrops, by joining bounty campaigns, by joining different paid forums, by mining and many more. You must have an online wallet in which you can store your cryptocurrencies.
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