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  1. Yeah dear mate it's a simple way like on the other exchanges here on bitmax you can change on the trade option and click on the buy and selling as for as vice versa and you can change your xrp coins into bitcoin. I think my language and way of telling about this matter reachable in your mind.
  2. I don't thinks about such matter because I have no earn any reputation but I think it's would be helpful for each members they earn more reputation by doing create useful and unique characters contents in the topics and posts. I'm this way forum remain clean and neat from the spamers and low quality post.
  3. Every one know about the both coins Bitcoin is the king of all coins and etherum is ten seconds coin in coin market cap and both are associated with each other when Bitcoin grow in high mode then etherum how high. I think mostly people or trader earn more in Bitcoin because it's price unbelievable very high.bitcoin has more ways of earning in crypto world.
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