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  1. hey my friend..yes that is great because some people do not want anyone to follow their payment account on paypal or they can not use paypal or visa..
  2. hello my friend..the lowest platform i worked in was kucoin her fees is very low around 0.2 % and the most traded coins in their website.
  3. hello my friend..i do not recommend you to play dice in any website because it is a luck game maybe you lose all your bitcoin on it..
  4. hey my friend..this is new information for me thank you for sharing bro..could we be whale some day in crypto world.
  5. hey friend..i see a lot of this promotions in some exchange but the problem is you can not withdraw this promotion it is only for try of covering the fees.
  6. hello my friend..for me i use it is the URL shortner paying from very long time i withdraw more then 100$ from it.
  7. hey bro..i think bitcoin will keep go down and maybe we will see him in 5000-4000 $ there is no time line for this.
  8. hello my friend..if you want use an app like wallet use app for famous wallet like cryptonator or coinbase those i think is the best wallets for now maybe there are more but i do not know him..
  9. hello my friend i see this thing is strange because you must trade with leverage to make this profits like you say not just normal buy and sell
  10. hello my friend..i remember from year there was a telegram channels who sell membership and give you signals in Binance to trade on it but i never enter into this channels before and all of them maybe a scam
  11. hey bro..thank you for sharing this way to make profit through gaming and yes this is good because you are having a good time with the game also you are earn money.
  12. hey bro..i was used coin pot before but like a faucet i am never tried before to test her as wallet maybe i will try it soon..thank you for sharing this information bro.
  13. hey do not lose this thing only used for once and save the code in a note in your computer and i did not think anyone will hack your phone..
  14. hello my friend..the only saving website to receive coins is my ether wallet do not trust any other website bro.
  15. hey bro.. i remember from years ago and the bitcoin price was 800 $ i was working in faucets from one faucet i was make 500 satoshi about 50,000 satoshi every day if i am working on it but i left the work and after more then year bitcoin reach 20,000 $.
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