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  1. I have almost the same opinion as yours mate I like trading BTC but when it comes to time of withdrawing I use eth and etc because if it low withdrawal fee.
  2. This is true but only the moderators can decide that, we the members can only suggest about it. I think we need a topic to discuss this in public about the real fact by tagging the moderators to here there opinions.
  3. I agree with some of your point ls you highlights, just like bitcoin is the mother of all Altcoins yes that is true and is the famous. But to put in to consideration as the controller of the crypto market we still need to make research because some experts explain this that the market moves by traders buying and selling in the market. This controls the market.
  4. We are trying to discuss on the present situation of the cryptocurrency base on it reality what have you achieve from it in aspect of it reality. This deals with believe and trust in cryptocurrency do you believe in cryptocurrency the first day you learn about cryptocurrency?
  5. @BrunoYes it is true the moderators are are doing there best to make sure they bring end to the spammers and we as well can help them fight this by taking report.
  6. The exchange is improving gradually with time in few years we have a great hope if big investors and traders enjoy the platform they will keep referring one another and for sure there is big hope in the future for yobit to be among the top ten Yes sure that is right well we hope everything will be good in the future it just need time for the updates. As we enjoy the platform we hope for great future you are welcome to cryptotalk and nice to meet you once more
  7. The platform is still good to be used o agree with you is easy to new members that are new in operating an exchange so is not that bad but better in using in time of trading and investment even because of it security matters a lot. Without regarding to liquidity of the exchange as it is well secured your funds.
  8. Well that is good but still a long way to categorize, because there are others that are not good in reading English and categorizing it that way is better. You can see those that are categorize are categorize in percentage not individually we can't identify those that are doing two to three of it. That is why categorizing it that way is the best for easy understanding.
  9. Yes you get the point, everything needs learning and training and practice when we learn we practice. I suggest we always learn from those that are more perfect from us.
  10. That still means the exchange need to make some updates and burn some currencies that necessarily need to be burned. All this factors you list actually affects the exchange
  11. Yes we can activate that too if interested but the easiest way to receive and send replies I prefer through my profile I received notifications and send feedbacks immediately
  12. All the features you listed are for yobit and of cause the exchange is moving forward and has good security I haven't learn any kind of hacking taking place in that exchange so is a trusted me exchange but still requires some update to be the best.
  13. I agree with you mate these qualities can make one to be a good member if he follows them practice and abide by it he will surely be perfect.
  14. Yes that is the fact BTC is the greatest of among all cryptocurrencies at all point and at all stage in both the demand and supply exactly as you said
  15. Yes if cause there are many friends that are ready to accept your friendship but is good you make friends with those that you trust and this can be identify due to their activities on the forum through their profiles as well. Best of luck
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