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  1. This is a section where new users can't write messages to avoid spam, you only need to write 100 messages to access it.
  2. Users are blocked for violating the rules, it has always been so, just follow the rules of the forum and the rules for writing posts and you will not be banned
  3. I am against this because there are users who just get these likes for complaining about other users, and do not create any useful topics.
  4. I think that the forum will continue its campaign and do not think that it will end, it is unlikely that the forum will make a campaign only for accounts that have a large number of comments, I think that the forum will just change the ranking system, no more.
  5. I think that his third account will also be blocked, let him try to write to the administrator and let him no longer create second accounts.
  6. Forum administrators said that they did not permanently close the binding of new accounts to the exchange, this is only a temporary measure. I think they will open it again for new users
  7. If you do not have a verified Brave account you will not be able to get your tokens that you received for viewing ads or referrals.
  8. For trading, I use only bitcoin and Ethereum , and for withdrawing my earned money from trading from all exchanges, I use Litecoin
  9. I think that there should not be such channels on Youtube, and I immediately close such channels if I see a lot of antipathies on every video that tells about a dubious project.
  10. Unfortunately, you have lost your money, do not make such mistakes in the future and next time check the wallet sending address 5-10 times.
  11. I think that at least you need 500,000 dollars for the initial launch to show your exchange to investors who will later invest their money in it.
  12. I also had this problem, it occurs because the price is too long or the number of coins that you put up for sale on the exchange.
  13. Exchange bitcoin for XRP (Ripple) or Dash or Ethereum and use them to withdraw your money from the yobit exchange.
  14. I prefer to trade on the Binance and Poloniex exchanges, in my opinion they have the most loyal conditions for users, they do everything to make it easier for people to trade.
  15. I think that Yobit is better in terms of investing money in Ico/Ieo shares, and Binance is better in terms of trading since they have reduced withdrawal fees.
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