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  1. We are already in 2020 but still ethereum is still fluctuating within the range of $190-$215 and despite the halving event which is already in progress ethereum has not increase rapidly the way many people expected but I think the price will stabilize immediately when the ethereum 2.0 is launched in the Cryptocurrency world.
  2. I don't belong here because this type of project is too risky an I know there will be strict conditions before you will be eligible for a chance, my major problem here is that I have never heard of this rebitcoin since I joined crypto but sooner or later I will make good research about the project. Thank you for the information my friend.
  3. For me I think there is no easy way to make good profit in business now aside investment and trading of Cryptocurrency because it is decentralized which has no restrictions and you can join any type of project you wish as long as you have funds. The strategy I am planning to make use of is trading and for that reason I am learning and holding my coins for future.
  4. This is a good news for the Cryptocurrency world and this is telling is that crypto is getting adopted in many countries in the world, I recently heard that there are almost 5000 bitcoin ATM all over the world. With this news I believe one day crypto will dominate the world, what do you think my friend?
  5. I don't understand where this topic is heading and about the brain wave you should know that some are fast while some are very slow because they occur at various frequencies and for this reason I don't advise the use of it because every technology has effect on the brain, so it is better to make use of good CPU and computer device which I think will be more easier. What do you think?
  6. I agree with think tank every country should just forget about creating there own Cryptocurrency instead we should all work in synergy and raise the existing Cryptocurrencies especially the likes of bitcoin and ethereum since the are already known worldwide by doing that other countries might also get interest and adopt to Cryptocurrency so the world will be a better place for everyone.
  7. Good information my friend, the lower gas fee for ethereum is the reason why I always make use of it when ever I want to make transaction on yobit and for that reason I prefer the normal ethereum ahead of the token.
  8. You are right my friend most of this panic sellers loss because they cannot cope with the market instead of being patient for some time they choose to sell at any cost which mostly arrive at loss. As an investor make sure you choose the right coin because that is what make some people inpatient instead of buying the likes of bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin for investment they will go for coins that have no potential in the Cryptocurrency marketplace and it use to take longer time for such coins to rise in the market.
  9. This is a very good news to the public because this will create another opportunity for us to earn extra token aside from cryptotalk but I will like you to reply me on how to earn from this listed browsers especially brave browser because I do make use of it often and how many tokens can I earn from it ?
  10. Maybe there will be one in the future but at present I don't think there is any site that you can work daily and receive 30,000 satoshi which is equivalent to almost $3 everyday just for making 30 valid posts and what i like about this great forum is that you will receive your payment immediately your posts are being verified, thanks to the developers.
  11. I never blamed them for that then because scammers were using that as an opportunity to deceive many innocent cryptonians but unfortunately they lifted the ban claiming that it was a mistake, anyway I was also happy when he issue was resolved because I am learning allot from YouTube crypto videos especially blogs.
  12. Yobitinvestbox is really profitable but there are certain conditions that are attached to each coin for you to be able to earn daily, for example you need like 10 times dice rolls to complete 20 trading and it is risky I must say.
  13. The fact that you see a female name doesn't mean that it is a female that owns the account because I myself have seen many men making use of female names many Cryptocurrency projects, but still there are some of them who make good investment in the Cryptocurrency world to earn good profit which most if them use to sustain there homes and parents because they are mostly at home doing nothing, Satoshi nakamoto has really sacrifice allot for the world because many people are now earning from bitcoin.
  14. You will be safe I think but it definitely depends on the type of investment site you choose to make use of and I will say you are 100% safe if you make use of the likes of Binance, yobit or Coinbase because they are on top of the list and they are very secured from the threat of hackers. And for the issue of your personal investment information, your in personal information has to be checked by the site when it comes to the matter of investigation but you are safe.
  15. This is not a good idea my friend because you that even made the post have not try it to know if it is legit or not yet you are recommending people to the site, what if it is scammers who do you want us to blame for that. So I will advise everyone reading my post to avoid clicking on this link because it can lead you to great loss of funds you have gathered in your walllet. Thank you for reading.
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