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  1. Ledger Nano X is believed to be the best cryptocurrency wallet. I don't know what you mean by digital wallet but if you are talking about the best mobile wallet, you should definitely go for Trust wallet.
  2. No, you are just made to believe so because most cryptocurrency enthusiast don't know a thing about them. Paper wallets are not outdated and you can get one for yourself to maximize your coins' security. They are cheap and most of them work on all platforms. In fact, they are mostly used by miners and large cryptocurrency holders.
  3. In case you don't know, coinpot is a microwallet, large amount of cryptocurrency can be stored in it but it is not advisable. Basically, they are mainly used to receive cryptocurrency from faucet sites and can only be used for micro payment. Mostly, microwallet have their own faucet, I think coinpot has too.
  4. Exactly, a lot don't know about. A wallet can be accessed if the private key is known, which is not in the case of public keys. The popular term for public keys is wallet address. I can see from the above comments, many still can't comprehend.
  5. Mind you, one of the Best but not the best. It is a very good privacy and security system for funds, storing almost all on cold storage, I prefer Ledger Nano though.
  6. There are features that makes a wallet better than the other. The first and the most important is security. That's why I said paper wallets should be ranked the best category of wallet, they provide you private keys to your wallet and prevent it 100% from online theft.
  7. Seems so. I won't be surprised eventually if he announced they will be investing in bitcoin. Firstly calling it a fraud and FOMOing on it now just less than 2years after, he is really more to this.
  8. Please can you explain more on how it works, I am somehow new to something like this but I am interested in trying it out. How can I use it efficiently?
  9. Paper wallets are under the category of hardware wallet because the meaning of hardware wallet is the storage of cryptocurrency offline. The only difference is the private keys of paper wallets are stored on paper.
  10. It might be a glitch Or maybe they have regional service issue because I know wallets and exchanges that bans customer in some part of the world or better still, you can contact the support.
  11. Please can you give examples of the other type of wallet because I only know some third party wallet like Exodus wallet, Atomic wallet and Abra. More explanation of how they work will be appreciated.
  12. Raqeebzy

    Trust wallet

    There is nothing like Yobit wallet, Yobit is a cryptocurrency exchange and should not be considered as a wallet talkmore use to store cryptocurrency, the earlier you get it the better. There are many company that have both exchange and wallet like coinbase and binance, Yobit is not one.
  13. I have used the Yobit support before and I can say it is the worst support I have seen, I have to say the truth, that's one thing Yobit should improve on. Friend, you will have to wait for reply from them, we can't help you here.
  14. Of all the factors to consider when choosing a wallet, compatibility and security should be first, you don't want to lose your crypto. Most people don't even have the idea that there are different categories of wallet.Thank you for educating and reminding some of us
  15. A brilliant move. That's a very good way to secure the copy 100%. But if you ask me I would rather make it a document and store it in a bank. So I can get it anytime I wish.
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