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  1. Bro, it depending only from the amounts, which you are trading, and if you are working with small amounts (here is good profit 2-5percents from the all amount), then you will get small amounts, if with huge amounts, here even 2 percents of all amount is very good profit
  2. Good job, bro, it surely will help me and another participants of this forum to be successful and save in this forum, because thanks to your advises, and if everyone will follow it, forum will surely raise and get absolutely new level
  3. Probably they have some more reputation and all members will see, that these humans are very wise and their opinion is important, and we always should listen them, such as it will help us in our future crypto activity
  4. Good job, thanks for informative article, because I'm in the crypto sphere more then 1 year and some of your terms was new for me, and I guess that it will be very good for newbies, who recently join crypto sphere, such as sometimes without crypto terms very hard to understand some article
  5. I guess that if we will have a lot of knowledge in certain business - then we will be able to get good money from it, so knowledge is better then money, but if here is stated about regularly and stable incoming - then it surely better, because then we don't need to make anything and just get money for nothing
  6. Yes, it is true, such as if we have some doubts - then we trying to find some information or hear a lot of opinion about it and due to all this actions we are study the most and then find the best solution in our case
  7. I guess that cryptotalk give us opportunity to get some starting capital for our future activity in the crypto sphere, such as here is not only necessary and interesting information, but therefore some money for our unique replies and topics
  8. Of course you can, because exist a lot of opportunities how to get bitcoin for our fiat money, and sometimes we just have to pay some fee, and then in some minutes or btc will be on our wallets balance
  9. I guess that faucets is located on the virtual servers, where by some our actions they take money, and give to their participants some part of it, and nowadays this part is very low, and I guess that better find something much more profitable
  10. I guess that here is everywhere we are taking risk, but the lowest risks in the most popular cryptocurrencies, such as Btc, Eth, Ltc, xpr and another from the top 10, such as here everywhere good volatility and that's why we have some chances to get profit from it
  11. I'm fully agree with you, such as here really to become successful we need to take huge risks, and sometimes it probably will make as successful or we just lost our money, and I'm afraid to take huge risks and just get only small incomes
  12. I guess that if you have a lot of skills in programming and able to create your own apps or programs, then you will able to earn some money by free lancing, but if you don't have skills in programming - then you can't earn something from this sphere
  13. Probably it is due to transaction Hash, because sometimes need firstly pay for fee, and only then will be transaction, I guess that this why you can't withdraw your tokens
  14. If you don't have any extra skills or just a newbie in some spheres where we are able to earn money and have a lot of free time - probably it is god idea try to earn some dollars by this way
  15. The main task of bitcoin halving - keep it able to miners, because if all btc will be mined, then it will be not interesting for miners and will be not so valuable, such as nowadays
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