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  1. I think, in general, people try to achieve thirty posts a day and they don't think a lot of where they make post.
  2. Thanks for sharing this useful information, it isn't only useful for beginners but people who haven't good enough knowledge about crypto industry.
  3. Basically, one of the best important thing is project where cryptocurrency is based, because without good project coin hasn't any value.
  4. I think it will probably happen, because people are looking forward to BTC halving and because of they they buy more btc at this time.
  5. It is interesting but not easy. Those amounts of money haven't many traders, so participate in that bounty campaign isn't easy.
  6. I think stability isn't part of crypto currency at this time, but I think both ETH and BTC have good potential in the future.
  7. As I know you can use Forex platform, but exactly I don't know how to do that. You will probably need a brokerage firm for this.
  8. It depends on what kind of plans they have, if there aren't any interesting plan they will fail in the future.
  9. There are people who have income by daily trading but it is difficult for me, but sometimes there are important informations which have affect on trend, and similar situations you can make good profits.
  10. Exactly I don't remember when I bought it but as far as I remember it was more than one year ago and its price wasn't more than 150$.
  11. I had lost a little amount of altcoins a few years ago and since then I decided to used more security than I had.
  12. I would like to say that Kucoin and even HitBTC are enough comfortable exchange websites for me, with their low transaction fees and etc.
  13. I am used to iOS stock application, it is comfortable for me and I have been using it for a long time.
  14. As far as I know and I have experience, in general, many of them are scammers and nothing more. At most they are kind of pyramid schemes.
  15. A few days ago I saw that amount of my posts were cut down more than ten posts. So it discourages me, if there hadn't so many spammers it would be better.
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