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  1. Many people are talking about this browser and give it good reputations and i agree with all of them. But am not using it because there are some extensions that am ising them and they only support chrome browser.
  2. This kind of mobile apps are paying low amount because you will play that game for a long time and you wil earn small amount because they have limitations their daily payouts.
  3. In my opinion those are the leading faucets because they pay good amount and they pay you through a trusted microwallet coinpot. Every claim from those faucets will give you three coinpot tokens that will help to increase your earnings.
  4. I know this app but am not using it, they pay very low amount and maybe if you are lucky you can win at least good amount. Am using cryptopop game and they pay me many ethereum than any other mobile app.
  5. I heard many people talking about that game but i didn't know if you can earn crypto coins with it. Am not interested with war games for mobile because i can't enjoy playing it in small screen but i will download it to see how the game looks.
  6. There are many apps that will pay you bitcoins for doing some tasks. You can just go to google play and search for bitcoin blast then download and try it. Many apps like that will be suggested to you but you just need patience to earn good from them.
  7. Majeshi


    I agree with you friend because am using this mobile app and it is very useful to me because i have already earn good amount with it. If you will use this app everyday and refer friends you will have good earnings.
  8. I agree with you mate because i saw a video on youtube talking about a mobile app that pays good and very fast and that video was from onebof the channels that i trust them. I downloaded that app from playstore and working hard until i earned $20 in 7 days but when i withdraw i waited for more than a month and i received nothing from it.
  9. I agree with you mate because i have used it to earn money with youtube channel befor i sold it. Exe is the leading url shorten that are paying good and they pay through bitcoin.
  10. Greetings and thanking a member i don't think if they have any problem with copying others posts. 10 members can say hello to a topic writer and i don't think if there will be any problem with that.
  11. That is a good way to know all topics that you have already comment but not all topics deserves good reputation because not all topics are useful. You can look at the message signs at each topic and they wil help you to know all topics that you have already comment.
  12. You are right friend there are many useful topics but they have 0 reactions. I don't know why this is happening because you will read many beautiful comments but you will never saw good reputations from those members.
  13. We just have to report spammers to the moderators here in the forum so that they can be punished. It will be good if all forums and other online projects will give a go ahead to their members to report spammers.
  14. I don't know anything about this because i have never used brave browser. Am using chrome browser because there are many extensions that i must use and they only support chrome browser.
  15. Thanks for sharing friend. This will be a good site for us to earn more coins because they way you have explained it, i hope is a great site that real pays. Though they take half of our earnings but i will try it and see if its good for me.
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