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  1. Business can never be done without loss. There is a time when there is as much profit as I see, so I think that investors are risking their earned business to make their business success.
  2. The Cryoto market has never been stable. It always fluctuates so those who understand very well about it can survive the business competition in this market. It is very good for the investors that they can make a lot of money by buying it at a low price and selling it at a higher price
  3. If it is true, it will be good. If we can keep pace with this, then the society of our country will be very beautiful. We are very much needed in this world of online business.
  4. I think this information is very useful for us because there are a lot of newcomers here who do not know anything about it, they can find out through your post.
  5. I think if Turkey creates its own cryptocurrency, it will prosper. So it is a very good initiative in Turkey. A country that has its own online currency can improve its economy
  6. I don't know much about it as far as I know it is legal in many countries and it is not supported in many countries so in many countries it is legit and in many countries it is not legit
  7. We can convert money from Bitcoin to cash through different markets. I always use Coinbase for conversion.
  8. I don't know how to open a fake bitcoin account. The question arises as to how this is possible. And I need to know what people do with fake bitcoin accounts
  9. No one can have an opinion on what will happen after the price of bitcoin is halved. I don't think anyone has a personal opinion and there is no hand behind it. Its price will go down by half and will continue to rise slowly
  10. Honestly I agree with you. I want to make money this way. As far as I know, I can earn a lot of money from here. But I have no knowledge of this completely new here
  11. I don't know if China is completely dependent on Bitcoin. I think the citizens of China can help you. Bitcoin is an online currency that, I think, exists at least a little bit in the law around the world.
  12. I have been working with and using Bitcoin for the last two years but I have never seen its price above 15,000 or so.
  13. Bitcoin is not as wasteful as we think. Because Bitcoin is one of the best online currencies of all time. Of course it can be said that bitcoin consumes a little bit of electricity
  14. The coronavirus is your main reason for the decline in the price of bitcoin. The virus destroys not only the crypto market but also the stock market
  15. No, I will not sell my bitcoin now because the price of bitcoin is very low now. If I sell now I will lose a lot of money so I want to keep it.
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