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  1. You are right my friend, some of the members are help people for money. If you faced a problem and ask them for solutions, they charged you to help you. I don't like this type members who are doing work for money.
  2. It seems good that you back in this forum. Welcome back and I see your all posts are so logical and may be your followers miss you a lot. Yes, you can reply all of this topic which one you get by notification.
  3. It is good that you don't repeat your mistake again. This is a good thing. But don't apologize in it, no one can remove your warning point so now it is good for you that stop doing those mistake which one give you warning point.
  4. It is a normal happened an this situation is also happened with me regular. It is true that If you invest your money in somewhere so you are scared about it if they stole your coins and when you get paid or back your coins then you feel happy. It is true.
  5. You are doing a good work for the begginer and I appreciate in it. Good job brother and do it continuesly. But newbie don't understand perfectly if they can not share his problem to others. If they read this book so there have no chance to share what topics he is not understand.
  6. There have no gift or point or reward for high reputation so why people requested someone to send him a good reputation without doing any good content. If your post is good so they send you good reputation automatically, you dont need to say them about it.
  7. Nice presentation! I loved your way to describing own opinion. You told about the all kind of problems solutions which one is maximum people wanted to know. Thank you and do it in future for helping us.
  8. It is the similar all of us. When I entered the crypto world I don't what is it and also have not enough knowledge about its earnings. But after some days by doing more research and watch some videos in Youtube I got some information and way to earn it.
  9. I heard this coins name for the first time, it is possible by you. You shared a unique post and I think most the members are not heard this coins name before. By you we are learning about it, so we can now use this kind of coins.
  10. I know about it but many members of this forum are not heard about it. So it is a good topic for them. You notice this problem of newbie and share it to them, Thank you.
  11. I think there have bo way to stop the spammers because they are increasing day by day. So if you remove one spammers, 10 spammers also rise. So we can not stop them permanently.
  12. This is obviously a good topic and I hope many people of this forum are don't know about it. I already know it so I easily understand which one of post I can reply. By the way thank for remain us about it.
  13. In this time, you can not get anything for signature. They said that they will start a campaign about it like Bitcointalk and still we are waiting for it. When the campaign will be started so may be we get something for it.
  14. Yes, it is the official Telegram group of the Yobit. There have almost 70,000 people and there have no doubt about its. You can also read its description and I think you will get your answer.
  15. You describe both of things very clearly. Both of the keys are very important for us but I think private key helps you from hackers.. So you have to save your private key in a secret palce. By the way thanks for this explanation.
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