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  1. I think there is not any extra reward for the member who gained place on leaderbord.They also get payment as we get.But when you will be able to get to that leaderboard,you will feel so good and you will have a self satisfaction.
  2. Yes brother.You are absolutely right.The number of users of yobit has increased so much by this forum.And all of them are also trading their crypto here.And about refferal program,yobit has that.You can invite your friends to join yobit and earn bitcoin from that.
  3. Yes.You are right.This two forum is paying bitcoin to it's member.But the earning method is different.You know that in cryptotalk we get payment for every post.But in bitcointalk you will not be able to earn by just posting.You can earn by signature campaign and bounty campaign from there.So,i think cryptotalk is much easy way to earn Bitcoin.
  4. Yes.The crypto scammers can really be called as crypto gangster.Because they are cheating people everyday and stealing money of people a lot of people leaving using crypto because of them.So everyone should be sincere as much as possible.
  5. It is not necessary that everytime our post get deleted because of our fault.Many times it happen like that the topic in which we commented get deleted for violation,as a result our post all get deleted.And really it feels very bad when so many of your post get deleted.
  6. The value of knowledge can't be compared with money.A person with a good knowledge and experienced can easily earn many times more money in a business than any person who have no knowledge about that.So if we are focused to gain knowledge in this forum,it will help us massively in future.
  7. Yes.The time limitation between two post has changed many time.It was just two minutes at the very beginning.Then it moves to 4 minutes.And again it changed to 3 minutes and it is still same now.I think this is a very god decision taken by the authority.
  8. I am using the coingechko app to get day to day update about crypto currency.You can all information about more than 4000 coins and token from this app.You can add the coins you need to your favorite list to know about them easily.
  9. There are a lots of website and app which says that we can mine different crypto currency by them.The number of website is many times more than apps.For mining through website,you will need to buy hashrate.But almost all of these are scam.They are just created tp cheat us.So don't try any app or website for mining.
  10. Still i never use the app.But it seems to an intersting one.We can easily do shopping by it as we can pay the bill with bitcoin.We can buy products from the world's best online shops like Amazon,Starbucks,uber etc by it.I really would like to use it.
  11. I think it is a very good app for everyone.We can easily earn crypto currency just by doing our daily exercise.And i also may encourage us to get involved with physical exercise which is so much important for us.
  12. Almost all the bot for earning crypto and mining crypto in telegram is completely fake.They might not pay you after doing all work and earn the minimum withdraw,also they may ask for deposit.And if you deposit we will lost your money.So it is much better to avoid these kind of bots.
  13. Cryptotalk is a fantastic method to earn crypto currency.You will not be able to get any second forum like.This forun is helping us to be self independent and also to help others.If it stop paying,i may fall in a lot of problems.
  14. I use Litecoin for my withdraw and i withdraw them to my trust wallet.Bitcoin is not a good option for withdrawing your earning from yobit,because it need a big amount of transaction fees.So choose any coin you like which have lower fees.
  15. Everyone's way of view is not same.One topic may be seems so useful for some people,but also their will be one or two person who will not consider it as an important one.And i will suggest you to not hear to them,just neglect them and keep creating more and more good post.
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