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  1. Indonesian upbit exchange can lunch stable coin IDRTL . It is really informative information to Indonesian Crypto traders . Upbit exchange is really good volume crypto exchange .
  2. ImpulsX exchange is really nice crypto exchange .I'm also used this exchange . This exchange also have native token IPX . It can also burn their tokens time to time in future . This is really good exchange .
  3. Almost every exchanges Bitcoin withdraw fees is very high . I'm use trx , xlm and litecoin to withdraw Bitcoin . First I'm convert into trx and withdraw it then again convert into bitcoin . That's my strategy.
  4. There are lots of coins in market . For staking purope , most famous coins are EOS, Tezos, NRG and other top coins . We only stake top crypto coins , that have bright future .
  5. It is true , peoples have lost their funds by doing such mistakes . By this post we can learn how to safe our funds in exchange . We most follow these steps strictly . Then never our funds lost in exchanges .
  6. Binance is top Crypto exchange . Now binance lunch Bitcoin trading options platform. I'm so happy . That's is very wonderful news . I'm really interested to do option trading .
  7. Bitfinex exchange is very popular and trusted crypto exchange . Now we can earn money from staking in this exchange . We can get 10% annual return from our staking Crypto coins . That's very nice news .
  8. Binance exchange is removes many coins . May be they have low volume in exchange . Binance exchange make strong exchange by removing low volume coins pairs.
  9. I'm using binance, Bittrex, and yobit exchange for trading and for holding I'm using coinbase or blockchain. If you looking others exchange like binance then I suggest you use that excy which trading volumes is good.
  10. Yes I agreed with you yobit is one of the best exchange in this world because this exchange providing so many features. The only problem I see this exchange is that adding too much new tokens and that token volumes is very low. Binance exchange listing very low coin and they maintain that coin volume. If yobit also list few coins which volumes is great then yobit balso become top 10 best exchange.
  11. In this condition you have to open binance account from other device and then just contact with customers care of binance and send a message about disabled your 2fa. Few days after they disabled your 2fa and then you can easily open your account by password or email.
  12. No, I don't see this kind of glitch in any exchange. I guess this glitch occur due to network problems, websites problems and others problems. This kind of glitches we see very low in Crypto market.
  13. I think yes, I saw many coins which price is different in different platforms. If you check any coin price in coinmarketcap then you found there are lots of price difference between exchanges or others platforms.
  14. I like your opinion and you are right but very few users are working in this forum right now that's why we cannot give good reaction to everyone and I try to give positive reaction because it is helping creater to create more topics.
  15. Thank you for sharing this good posts. Everyone want to earn money and I also want to earn money. You shared so many ideas to earn money but I like must video content idea because I'm interested in video creating jobs.
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