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  1. those are some great observations by whoever posted it, it could very well be Adam Back as he sure seems to be using it very profitablly
  2. yes it is, i joined to get the Yoda airdrop, but then left immediately after it because they just spam the chat all the time
  3. don't be fooled by the cheap prices of a currency that doesn't mean you will make profits from it, always check the trading volume to know if the coin is dead or not
  4. correct, right now it's the small beginning of a big bull run, and i have strong faith in bitcoin that it will reach a new ATH soon
  5. don't sell now, keep it as the prices should be rising more and more in the coming month, hopefully to around $50k and more
  6. yes of course, this is a great forum to learn, i'd suggest you also read topics in sections like trading to learn more about trading
  7. it's likely that the funds wallet was empty and need to be refilled, just try at a later time and the problem should be solved
  8. i give reputations on posts which i find genuinely useful and the writer clearly spent a lot of time on research and making the post
  9. i don't know what to say, i never had that many posts deleted because i make sure i comment on useful posts or make useful posts
  10. you can post in the Referrals section for earning methods, and most people there are required to post payment proofs
  11. the admins are very generous and great for providing us with such great opportunity to earn free bitcoins
  12. these people are just dirty and very greedy, always make sure to check the site yourself even if someone tells you about it like a youtuber
  13. i first saw bitcoin in an online article that i read because i was curious about this currency that's valued at 400$ (yes it was really cheap compared to now), unfortunately i was young and didn't bother too much with it, now a couple of years later i'm always watching prices and i'm far more interested in it now and have invested in it
  14. writing more formal posts and trying to arrange your idea in a good way is definitely a good practice for writing skills for articles
  15. Bitcoin is a digital currency created by Satoshi Nakamoto, it is based on the blockchain technology, and it's decentralized meaning it's value is dependent on the buys and sells of the community
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